We are a nimble and highly experienced group of artistic collaborators who found a common ground by a love for the outdoors and a really fantastic story. Collectively we produce, from start to finish, high-end, results driven motion content for our partners. Content captured by asking questions and always pushing physical and artistic limits. Content that delivers the raw essence of our subjects - whether people, places or ideas.

We're as comfortable filming in remote corners of the world as we are in the grid of a bustling city. And we believe there is a story to be told in every experience and every setting. We live to reveal truths in the most unexpected and fresh ways. We live to evoke emotion, thought, connections.

Our work was born from shooting the best action and adventure athletes in the wildest places on earth. We've learned a thing or ten about the magical soup of teamwork, hustle, sweat and a lot of heart. Our shared drive for excellence is at the core of who we are and what we do as artists, athletes, filmmakers and photographers. Our passion for light, story and humanity transcends genre. This is our life's work.





Anson's lifelong passion for film was born of a childhood spent in the rural mountain west, wandering and devouring books, music, and movies. He worked his way up from 2nd AC, worked as a DP for 7 years, and now directs brand, doc and TV work. He is known for an emotive, ephemeral style, with a strong sense of place. As a director, he has won over 20 major film festival awards, including the Grand Prize and 3 other awards at Banff 2011, Grand Prize at New Zealand, The Fowler Award at Telluride, The Camera prizes at Trento and Gratz, and had two narrative short film premieres at major film festivals.

He has directed or shot commercial and television work for Amtrak, Nissan, Range Rover, Jeep, SelectHealth, Pfizer, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, Trek, BMC, GE, Microsoft, Blue Cross, Farm Credit, BF Goodrich, Bayer, National Geographic, The North Face, Colorado Tourism, Utah Tourism, Backcountry.com, CMH, Turo, NRS, Red Bull, NBC, ABC, Vice, Marriott, Aruba.

Tim Kemple

It's 3am at my home in Salt Lake city, but I'm in a cramped cabin in Alaska trying to steal a few hours sleep before the dawn call time. I've spent most of the last half of my life living out of the back of a car, surfing friend's couches, at base camps, in dusty camp grounds or like tonight, in local lodging.

15 years ago, right after picking up my first camera, I wrote in my journal that I was perpetually stoked, penniless, and loving every minute of it. I'm a bit older now, I have a few more grey hairs, but if you distill it down not much has changed. I love telling stories, I love the energy of the city and the beauty of the mountains, I love culture, I love evoking emotion with film.

I've shot and directed commercially on six continents in over thirty countries. Some of my clients include BFGoodrich, RedBull, The North Face, Colorado Tourism, and Eastern Mountain Sports.

Renan Ozturk

Renan is a globally recognized expedition climber, landscape artist and filmmaker. His cutting edge big wall first ascents, mountain murals and films realized as part of The North Face athlete team have brought him around the globe from the high Himalaya, the jungles of Borneo and deserts of Africa. With the advent of next generation lightweight satellite, solar and DSLR camera technology, Renan has pushed the art of filmmaking from extreme locations. His video dispatches produced during expeditions bring the adventure to a worldwide online audience in near real time. They have been a key viral story telling component for clients including The North Face, National Geographic, and Outside Magazine. 
Through top mountain film festival awards and online viral recognition, Renan's cinematography and visual story telling style has emerged as one of the leaders for the outdoor industry. He co-founded Camp4 Collective to continue to push the boundaries of expedition storytelling.